Host computer and digital signage not playing nice w/ each other

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I use Samsung SyncMaster 520DXN monitors for digital signage updated over our network by MagicInfo Pro on an IMac running parallels.  Magic Info crashed and I cant get the host imac to talk to the other monitors.  I reinstalled the program, and the network sees the monitors.  How do I override the harddrives in each monitor and get the host computer and monitors talking to one another?
5 of the monitors are hanging 10-15 feet over entrance doors and the other 4 are hanging on interior walls.  Do I need to bring each monitor down and into the control room and directly hook up to the host computer?


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Re: Host computer and digital signage not playing nice w/ each other
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2010, 11:28:20 AM »
Hi, I am not quite clear on your situation here. I would expect your mac to behave the same as a pc used as the server. Make sure all the required ports are open on the server to enable communication with the clients-also chaeck the firewall is allowing traffic through.

What do you mean when you say override the hard-drives in the monitors? Can you ping the monitors or connect via VNC.

In my experience it is rare a screen crashes to the extent all communication is lost.

Did you give each of the client screens a static IP address when you set them up?