Powering on and off/Scheduling

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Powering on and off/Scheduling
« on: October 01, 2010, 01:47:46 PM »
If I have my screens to set on and off at certain times in MDC, will they turn back on at a time when something has been scheduled? I have created a screen to turn the panels off, and it does work, but I've tried setting the periodic to daily and it doesn't seem to work and I just have to keep dropping the screen into each day and setting the times separately, so to have the screens turned on/off in MDC would be easier as I wouldn't have to keep changing it. Any ideas?

I'm also confused about the beginning day/start time/end day/stop time in the publishing staus panel at the bottom of the schedule screen. I've set my screens to turn off at 9pm in MDC, but the 'end day' time in this panel is midnight. Do these times just apply to the scheduling, and if so, why is there a beginning day/end day difference of a week? It's a bit confusing!