Transfer MagicinfoPro Server from XP to Win7 onto a new MagicinfoPro Server

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Offline mikefitz

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I am at a loss as to how to do a transfer of everything from on MagicinfoPro Server installation to a new MagicinfoPro installation on a new machine.  I tried copying the entire directory from one to the other, but this doesn't work.  Any ideas on how this can be done?  Easily I hope.




Offline Bill Coral

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I guess you mean your designed templates. I don't think you can just copy the directories. You need to do a proper install. If you wanted save yoru templates, then follow these steps: Library --> Tools --> Export and the system will export your chosen template in the C:\Program Files\SEC\MagicInfo Pro\Export directory and the filename has .scp extention.

You need to copy this file. Its size depends on the content and then you have your template. To install again, follwo the same process on your new installation and then choose Imprt as opposed to export.