am/pm switched between desktop and samsung

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am/pm switched between desktop and samsung
« on: March 31, 2011, 06:45:59 PM »
strangous thing.   If I go into remote management under MDC , under Time. current time is okay. and i set timer1 to turn on 9am and off 4pm.  Samsung worked fine and turned off at 4pm.  On another day I was fiddling with the remote controller and checking out the Setup settings on the Samsung. It was somewhere around 2pm. And under setup time. it had 2:04AM turnon 9PM turnoff 4am.  Mind you the EST setting was in correct mode.  I then decided maybe i should change am/pm around on this setup screen on the samsung.  Still no problems publishing schedules, doing this. Today I went into remote management, MDC, Time. It is afternoon and the setting had 1:23AM , timer on 9PM off 4am, because i previously changed the samsung around. I changed the desktop setting to reflect the afternoon and the samsung displayed the setup screen in the opposite am/pm mode.  ?? ???   
 i had changed source from PC to MAgicinfo under remote management. don't know what the difference makes for either setting. Does anyone know what PC or MAgicinfo as a source has control of??   should it be one over the other??