Samsung support structure

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Samsung support structure
« on: July 29, 2011, 10:41:49 PM »
   Our company has integrated Samsung displays into our corporate network in order to replace depricated signage infrastructure consisting of LED displays and very old computer hardware.  Our project is under consideration for expansion even further and I am in need of a contact in order to support an already large deployment from an enterprise level.
    As a desktop technician, the new MagicInfo Pro infrastructure was built upon a Server 2008 environment and support for the clients was placed on my shoulders for lack of a dedicated team for this individual project.  We have approximately 70 Samsung displays running MagicInfo Pro with built-in PCs.  These are a combination of 460MX-n and 460Dx-2 model displays.
   On the original project and its release from the contracted vendor for installation of these displays, I'd realized an overwhelming list of problems with security and support of these individual PCs built into the televisions.  For instance, there was no VNC password, either no password or default Administrator password, the displays had all had the same SID, etc.  I did not feel comfortable letting a sign display in the general public without some level of security and the defaults from Samsung were completely off the table.
   I've worked with Windows XPe before and I've modified the original image entirely.  The imaging process, resealing, IP configuration, and individual display configuration is within an acceptable level and individual configuration is easier due to the configurations I've made to the image.
   Everything works now and works stable, but I'm finding that I can't make very many changes to the system without being delicate.  The MagicInfo Pro client does not function on other hardware, as I've tried running the image within VMWare.  I've also tried installing the software on the new Windows ThinPC operating system, without success.  Even on the original display, if the explorer shell were removed from the system, MagicInfo Pro would not even attempt to load (I believe I may have made a previous post on this forum before concerning this issue).
   I'm not sure if developers read this forum or if there is a more appropriate location to direct these questions, but I'm looking for a high-level contact to coordinate some modifications to the software under Samsung's approval for the better of the software environment.  I've attempted to contact Samsung tech support twice today with no answer via Live Chat and no answer via telephone tech support.
   Please, devs, let me know you're out there - I'm stuck here with little support and without help I'll have no choice but to pick a third party software with an easier support structure.


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Re: Samsung support structure
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2011, 05:54:50 AM »
Not sure I understand all that.

I do use virtulization at full. With MagicInfo pro server/author running perfectly well. But you may have your own network environment issues. I agree that MagicInfo pro is not an enetrprise solution, however, it is free digital signage designed for a specific environment. But you have to treat it with respect. You can't do everything with it. But on the way I use it, it works for me.

I have now old Samsung screens using MagicInfo pro as I have moved onto MagicInfo I Premium. You get 5 licenses for free and this is a proper Digital signage package comparable to all others.