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HTML/URL content?
« on: May 04, 2016, 02:30:22 PM »
Hello! I work for a university and we are planning to use MagicInfo Express for a good number of new signs throughout the campus. It looks like it does a great job of displaying static images and videos (which we will definitely be taking advantage of for 90% of the new signs), but I'm trying to also research about content blocks to display a website URL and can't seem to find any info.
The other signage software we have on campus that allows this are FourWinds Interactive, Rise Vision, and but we are trying to see if we can achieve the same thing in MagicInfo Express. Basically you'd place an image as the background and then overlay a part of the screen on top of the image with a content block that you can link to a webpage. Our programmers developed a menu system for the dining managers where they can update daily menus for each meal period, and made website URLs with HTML/CSS/PHP already set to link to the menus the managers set up through the system. Then I take that URL that displays the specific menu that I need shown, and place it in the content block to be displayed on the signs. This is what I'm trying to achieve with MagicInfo Express, but like I said I can't find much info about it - it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the manuals or in any video tutorials, or any forums online. Unless I'm looking in the wrong places.
Is it even possible to do this, or should we just stick to using MagicInfo Express for menus that do not rely on website URLs?
Attached are some examples of what we achieve with FourWinds Interactive (which we are staying away from for this new project)